TV Advertising

Submitted By: Mark Cheney and Chris McGinnis
October 9, 2020
In a world free of global pandemics and shelter-in-place orders, September wouldn’t typically be a month considered a peak time to enjoy your favorite sports. However, unprecedented times call for unprecedented viewing.
For the first and possibly only time in the history of sports on television,...
Submitted By: Brad Williams and James Rothwell
October 1, 2020
For dealerships across the country, car buying came to a halt at the start of the 2020 pandemic. Then, car sales —of new and especially used models—turned a corner, becoming a hot commodity as commuters moved away from public transport options. What’s more? Online auto sales are now booming as...
Submitted By: Lee Singletary
September 23, 2020

Digital Campaigns that Include TV Drive Stronger Advertising Results
Some marketers focus their advertising efforts on short-term sales activation through placement of video ads in digital environments like YouTube and Facebook. The issue? Less value being placed on long-term brand building and...
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