Wayne County


The success of an auction can be determined in part by how many bidders participate. Generating awareness is important, and the Wayne County. MI, Treasurer's Office used a multi-screen advertising campaign from Comcast Spotlight to drive traffic to the treasurer's office website in advance of an online property auction. The campaign had a limited window of opportunity: just 12 days.


Working with its agency, Bankable Marketing Strategies of Detroit, the Wayne County Treasurer's Office set out to reach local adults aged 25-54. Based on research, geographically-targeted TV commercials with a prominent call to action aired on networks reaching both men and women, including A&E, BET, Bravo, Discovery, ESPN, FOX Sports Detroit, History, TBS, TNT and VH1. On Xfinity.com, a mix of in-banner video and static banner advertising, coupled with two 24-hour sign-in page takeovers, directed visitors to the agency's website, where they could learn more about and register for the auction.


A multi-screen marketing approach proved tremendously successful for the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office. The digital advertising units delivered more than 2,370 engagements, and the in-banner video advertising units generated more than five hours of viewing time. That engagement contributed to an overall increase in the number of registered participants for the auction.

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