Blain's Farm & Fleet


With five locations in the Chicago market, Blain's Farm & Fleet was looking to increase its online presence and increase their website traffic from outside of their traditionally strongest ZIP codes.


Prior to 2012, the company had only advertised on television, but to achieve their goals, Blain's added pre-roll and in-banner video advertising on to their marketing plan. To garner as much co-op advertising funding as possible, Blain's Farm & Fleet features multiple vendors in most of their campaigns, and many campaigns per year (for example, 40 campaigns ran in 2012). Comcast Spotlight developed a fast-turnaround system to ensure their online advertising components mirrored the current television messaging. A dedicated URL for each campaign showed how they were impacting online traffic.


  • 12.5 million+ in-banner video impressions; 431,000+ views; 22,000+ click throughs.
  • 2.9 million+ pre-roll video impressions; 49,000+ click throughs.
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