Stellantis Marketcenter

Stellantis MarketCenter

Competition for car buyers is intense, as consumers have more information than ever to help them choose the right car. Video advertising is the most powerful way to capture their attention. There’s no better way to show off the vehicles you have to offer than on the biggest screen in the house. Coupled with digital video, geographically targeted video advertising ensures that customers are seeing your dealership’s name when they’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle.

Multi-screen Advertising

A multiscreen advertising approach that combines TV, on-demand, and digital and streaming ad placements is proven to boost campaign effectiveness. By focusing on reaching the right viewers – rather than the right screens or programming – advertisers can seamlessly reach across all devices and pull their fragmented audience back together. With each touchpoint, brands drive viewers further into the sales funnel and make it more likely that viewers will award their business to the advertisers they see. A multiscreen approach is the best way for advertisers to reach all three of these viewer groups:

  • Cord-stackers: Households that have subscriptions for both TV and streaming services.
  • Cord-cutters: Households that have canceled their cable, satellite, or telecom service.
  • Cord-nevers: Households that have never subscribed to a cable, satellite, or telecom service.

Audience Targeting

Targeted TV and digital video optimize your automotive advertising

Video has always been the most powerful way to engage and excite audiences, and new tools and platforms make it possible to deliver the right messages to the right car buyers at the right times.

We use insights from Comcast viewership data and third-party data to most effectively reach desired audiences. Our Audience Addressable advertising capabilities can complement a broad-reach multiscreen campaign by enabling advertisers to deliver content exclusively to their target audiences. By delivering ads only to the most relevant and engaged audiences, companies can significantly cut down on ad waste and maximize ROI. For even more precision, clients can provide us with their own anonymized customer data. Then, we can match this client data against our subscriber data to create a customized audience for optimized TV and digital campaign

MarketCenter Program and Overview Benefits

We take care of the work, you take care of your customers

As a MarketCenter vendor, Effectv can offer you targeted video advertising solutions reaching your local audience as they watch TV and digital video, using your existing T3AC funding. Here’s how easy it is:

Step 1: You and your Effectv team develop a video advertising plan.

Step 2: You receive a 10% benefit in spots or impressions.

Step 3: If you choose to have MarketCenter process your invoice you don’t have to send your Effectv invoice to MarketCenter.  MarketCenter will be set up as your Ad Agency and will receive your invoice directly from Effectv.

Step 4: Our TV and multiscreen campaign reports use ad exposure Effectv Streaming reports bring together reporting across all of an advertiser’s digital campaigns.

Step 5: Watch as local customers visit your website and come through your front door ready to buy.
Effectv is an approved Stellantis vendor, which means All Stellantis dealers receive

  • 10% more commercials/impressions
  • 100% bonus fund eligibility on digital advertising
  • Campaign Reports for all of your advertising
  • Direct billing when using the Stellantis Market Center

How advertising should be done

Effectv, Comcast’s advertising division, uses advanced targeting and data to engage your potential customers on every screen, from streaming to linear TV. Drive tangible results when you reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

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