And the Emmy Goes to…


Today, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced that Effectv was awarded a 2020 Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award. Our company was recognized for our work on Development and Pioneering Deployment of Synchronized Local DMA Advertising Capability for DBS / MVPD’s.  This is being awarded to our team for the industry leadership over the last 7 years supporting our I+ platforms, specifically our affiliate partners of AT&T, DISH and Verizon.

As an audience delivery company, technology plays an important role in Effectv’s business, and this has never been so true as it was in 2020. In this groundbreaking year, we doubled down on innovation in order to address both the changing media landscape and the needs of our clients. We are thrilled today to be recognized by industry experts and peers for our company’s dedication to engineering creativity and innovation, which has led to our company’s growth and positions us as an industry leader in delivering the right audience for our clients.

This technology was built to solve a problem: it converts a single nationally distributed satellite signal into discreet DMA deliveries, allowing local commercials to be inserted at the DMA level, providing advertisers complete market reach.

Deployment of the technology enables advertisers to reach their customers at a large scale while providing a simple and seamless way to steward the business. This technology is available to all cable networks, delivering new and diverse audiences that were never available in the past.

At Effectv, we are relentlessly focused on innovation and finding ways to simplify the customer experience. The ability to develop technical standards to be used for ad delivery signaling, ad copy distribution, invoicing and billing alignment and vendor alignment was a tremendous accomplishment. There are very few “sea change” events that revolutionize the way we do business and create significant revenue growth, but this investment in both technology and vision is one of these events!

According to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award is presented to companies who are the “‘tool makers’ of the industry that materially have affected the television viewing experience.” At Effectv, we are proud to be shaping the quickly-changing television industry and look forward to continued innovation in 2021 – with our clients at the center of it all.