You Squared Media (BreWingZ Sports Bar and Grill)


Every advertising agency wants to help clients show what they “bring to the table.” For You Squared Media of Houston, TX, that was literally what they did for client BreWingZ Sports Bar and Grill, a relatively recent entrant to the Houston restaurant scene, but one with multiple locations throughout the region. The agency worked with Effectv on a multi-screen video advertising campaign designed to generate brand awareness and let consumers know what BreWingZ was all about.


You Squared Media began by conducting a survey to determine the best audience for BreWingZ, which pinpointed men age 18-34 as the primary audience. In addition, families were an important demographic to engage. The television component of the media plan was heavily focused on achieving frequency goals, using demographically targeted networks such as Comedy Central, ESPN and NFL Network. With Effectv’s geographic targeting capabilities, messages were focused in the areas surrounding BreWingZ locations. The high-visibility plan incorporated a sponsorship of coverage of the FIFA World Cup, with promotional messages on ESPN and inviting viewers to enter a contest to win a “man cave”—a big-screen TV and wings for a year. Additional digital marketing included a mix of static and in-banner video as well as pre-roll video advertising on


Multi-screen advertising served up strong results, as same-store sales grew approximately 20% year over year. In addition, the “man cave” giveaway promotion helped BreWingZ increase its email registration database by approximately 500 users. With all that success, BreWingZ planned to expedite its growth plans, opening additional locations and expanding to the San Antonio market.