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Williams Heating and Cooling


A true hometown business, Williams Heating and Cooling of Sevierville, TN, has been owned by a husband and wife team for 35 years, advertising on cable for twenty of those years. The company has used its technicians and clients in its commercials, building brand recognition and helping customers understand the importance of maintaining an air conditioning unit and how to pick the correct size unit for a given home.


Seeking to reach a wide audience—all ages and income levels—Williams Heating and Cooling’s television advertising plan included networks like AMC, A&E, Discovery, ESPN/ESPN2, Food Network, FX, HGTV and SEC Network. In-banner video advertising on extended their message to consumers using computers and mobile devices. Both TV and digital advertising was geographically targeted to reach consumers within the company’s service area, with messages rotated on a quarterly basis for maximum reach and impact.


In addition to recognition of the company’s owners and technicians from their commercials, Williams Heating and Cooling has seen business increase by as much as $75,000 in one year from its “testimonial” advertisements.