White Bear Mitsubishi


What do you do when the product you sell has been discontinued? Reinvent your business. That’s what White Bear Mitsubishi of White Bear Lake, MN, did after the Saturn brand drove into the sunset, leading to the end of the dealer’s days as Saturn of St. Paul. Building awareness for the dealer was made more difficult given its location near numerous other well-established dealerships. What’s more, Mitsubishi was not a strong brand in the Twin Cities market. Taken together, it was a big challenge, but Comcast Spotlight was there to help them tackle it.


The power of television would help the dealership present the Mitsubishi brand in a compelling way, while online advertising would help reach the important and growing propensity of car shoppers to conduct much of their research online. Both TV and online advertising were geographically targeted in a 10-15 mile radius from the dealership. TV advertising ran on networks like Animal Planet, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, ESPN, TLC, Travel Channel and USA. That was coupled with a banner advertisement on the high-traffic email sign-in page.