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Virginia 811


Virginia 811 (VA811) is a public safety organization with a statewide message: Contact VA811 before beginning any digging project in Virginia. The organization’s ultimate goal is to drive down underground utility damage and outage incidents within the state.

Ad Strategy:

VA811 has been an Effectv client for seven years, with campaigns running annually from March through October to coincide with peak construction months. With Effectv’s multiscreen advertising solutions, VA811 is able to conduct truly statewide advertising.

The organization runs ads in Premium Digital Video, Premium Digital TV, and in-banner video. It also used homepage takeovers and public service announcements to further extend its reach.


Analytics show that VA811’s website traffic has grown between 35% and 53% during the time it’s worked with Effectv, depending on which key metric is considered.

In the same period, the organization reports that damages to underground natural gas utilities have decreased by nearly 30%.

And the client believes its Effectv advertising has played an important role in these improvements. “The increased awareness provided to us through digital advertising with Effectv has helped reduce the number of damages to underground utilities,” according to the client. “This makes Virginia a safer place to live and work.”