University Electric


Now being run by the fourth generation of its founding family, University Electric in Santa Clara, CA, could be considered a local landmark. The retailer touts itself as one of the five largest single-store operations in the country. The store used Comcast Spotlight’s targeted video advertising solutions to highlight a message centered on quality and service to customers in the Bay area.


University Electric’s primary audience is affluent homeowners, primarily professionals aged 40-60. Secondarily, the store targets aspiring homeowners in the area by including several more affordable brands in its marketing mix. The owners studied their market, identifying the where particular brands and price points were likely to perform best, then adjusting their messages to fit the needs of specific communities. To reach the “foodie” crowd and consumers interested in learning about remodeling, University Electric focused on home-improvement and food-related TV networks, with a serving of sports-oriented networks “on the side”. Digital components spiced up the store’s the media plan with highly efficient static and in-banner video advertising.


University Electric set out to increase sales in specific geographic areas and sales of brands being advertised. Sales of Sub-Zero, Wolf and Thermador products increased nearly 100%, while Miele sales grew by 50%. The retailer also saw substantial growth in highmargin retail brands. After setting a new mark for the most successful month in company history, University Electric topped that mark the next month, and the store has seen a 100-200% increase in Internet-generated phone calls and online price quote requests.