Unionville Auto Body


It’s true that almost anyone who drives a car could someday find themselves in need of a body shop following an accident. But for Unionville Auto Body of Unionville CT, building brand awareness was about even more than getting a damaged car back on the road quickly. The small-town business offered additional services like detailing and headlight repair. The business also was committed to making a difference in the community, partnering with a local food bank to accept donations. That’s a lot to let customers know about, and multi-screen video advertising made it happen.


Unionville Auto Body used a series of commercials focusing on different messages, all with the objective of building awareness and business. Some commercials, for example, focused on the food bank partnership, which brought in prospective customers who often weren’t aware of the body shop previously. Other commercials explained how Unionville Auto Body could have drivers back in their cars quickly after a crash, while still others called out the other services available. To help bolster the small-town feel, the shop’s owner began featuring his own children in his commercials. With an audience that could be virtually anyone behind the wheel, Unionville Auto Body was able to take advantage of Comcast Spotlight’s broad demographic reach across multiple networks, geographically targeted to the neighborhoods closest to the shop. Those TV commercials were coupled with both banner and pre-roll video advertising to add valuable reach and frequency to Unionville Auto Body’s media plan.


A longtime Comcast Spotlight advertiser, Unionville Auto Body has seen consistent growth in year-over-year sales, with many new customers reporting they saw the shop’s TV or digital advertising. Perhaps the best measure of success, though, was that Unionville Auto Body expanded its business to accommodate its growing customer volume.