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Early detection can make all the difference when it comes to lung cancer. Tuality Healthcare of Hillsboro, OR, offered an innovative approach to detecting and diagnosing lung cancer, which improved the odds of survival. To reach those who could benefit the most from the program – generally adults over 50 who were heavy smokers – Tuality worked with Comcast Spotlight on a multi-screen awareness campaign.


Comcast Spotlight’s research found the best television networks to reach the target audience included A&E, CNN, ESPN, FOX News, Hallmark, History, National Geographic, USA and the Weather Channel. The digital marketing component of the media plan combined static and in-banner video advertising on By using the same commercial within the in-banner video advertising, Tuality was able to further build awareness while offering links to additional information about treatment options, directions to the hospital, and the opportunity to connect with Tuality on social media.


In the first month, the campaign drove more than 550 people to Tuality’s website, followed by more than 660 in the second month and 630 in the third month, a pace which continued for an additional three months. The hospital added temporary help to make appointments in response to the campaign, which was extended from its originally planned twomonth flight to seven months. Even more important was the impact on the community: the hospital’s physicians reported a 50% smoking cessation rate from their patients.