Triangle Tech


Looking to build its database of prospective leads, Triangle Tech of Pittsburgh, PA, needed to reach a target audience of men aged 18-34 interested in exploring a new career path. The technical training school, with several Keystone State locations, turned to Comcast Spotlight to generate leads through a multi-screen marketing campaign.


There’s an axiom about fishing where the fish are, and Triangle Tech surveyed its students to find out which networks they watch and thus, which networks would reach more prospective students. Thanks to Comcast Spotlight’s ability to offer a range of demographically targeted networks, Triangle Tech was able to engage its young male audience on channels like A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BET, Comedy Central, Discovery, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX Sports 1, FX, History, MTV, Spike and Syfy. The media plan included a combination of full-market coverage with an additional focus on one zone surrounding one of the school’s campuses. On the digital front, Triangle Tech took advantage of the Comcast Spotlight Video (CSV) platform to feature pre-roll video advertising on,, the Xfinity TV Go app and In addition, in-banner video advertising was featured on


The effort to increase leads was a resounding success for Triangle Tech: over a period of two quarters, leads doubled. The effort was so successful for the school that it added a digital advertising campaign to its regularly scheduled multi-screen marketing flights.