Thomasville Toyota


Refinancing a car loan can save consumers hundreds, or maybe thousands, of dollars. Thomasville Toyota of Thomasville, GA, recognized that promoting refinancing options could build awareness now, which could lead to increased sales later, when consumers are ready to buy a new car. With Comcast Spotlight, they created an innovative multi-screen marketing plan to do just that.


With a wide target audience – adults 18 and over – the dealer aired commercials across dozens of top cable television networks. Digital video advertising on also took a unique approach, with the spokesman noting that the video the customer had selected was “loading,” and inviting the user to click on the video to visit Thomasville’s “digital showroom.”


The campaign to build awareness of refinancing options worked; the dealer reported showroom traffic increased year-to-year, and consumers specifically noted they saw the pre-roll digital advertising and referring to the offers highlighted in the ads.