Subaru of Wakefield


Subaru of Wakefield is a top Subaru dealer in New England and has been an active advertiser with Effectv for more than 10 years. The dealership continuously works to maintain a dominant position in its primary area of responsibility (AOR). To this end, it consistently uses Effectv’s suite of TV and video advertising products and geographically targets the ads to its AOR.

Effectv is an integral part of a customized and integrated plan that Subaru of Wakefield executes year in and year out.


Subaru of Wakefield strives to increase both new and used car sales by 5% each year. In addition, the dealership seeks to promote its service business so that auto buyers return to the dealership for any service needs.

In support of these goals, the dealership advertises with Effectv every month. It uses our full range of products to advertise across screens, including on linear TV, Premium Digital TV (PDTV), and Premium Digital Video (PDV). It has a core advertising schedule on a diverse mix of networks, and it runs ads during popular sports programming.

In early 2019, Effectv created a fully customized and integrated spot to run during Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl to further increase awareness of the dealership in the market.

Subaru of Wakefield uses Effectv’s Instant IMPACT program which allows advertisers to better measure the effects of monthly schedules and creative. With these insights, Effectv works with the dealership to regularly hone its strategy for best results.


Subaru of Wakefield saw increased traffic to its website and reported substantial YOY growth in both new and used car sales for 2018. The dealer attributes this success in part to a consistent integrated advertising approach every month to go along with its strong lineup of vehicles and service offerings.