Subaru of Jacksonville


Some people move to the Sunshine State to retire, but the owner of Subaru of Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL, came to the state to open his second auto dealership. It took some work to build a brand in his new market, but with a quality product and smart marketing—including multi-screen advertising through Comcast Spotlight—the dealership thrived, to the point that the owner sold his original location in Connecticut, focusing entirely on northern Florida. A number of successful auto dealers have found that mirroring the national marketing strategy of the manufacturers they sell leads to success locally. That’s been true for Subaru of Jacksonville, FL, which has combined emulating Subaru’s national advertising strategy with local elements to deliver big results.


Subaru of Jacksonville has been at the forefront of local automotive advertising. In previous years, the dealer wanted to build awareness for its products. For this campaign, the company mimicked the national Subaru television campaign by advertising on the same television networks to increase overall reach and impact. That was supplemented by local interactive advertising on The in-banner video advertisement included links to the dealership’s inventory, promoted an incentive to take a test drive, provided directions to the dealership and linked to its Facebook and Twitter pages. They utilized a combination of geographically targeted television and digital advertising, including in-banner video ads on as well as in-stream video advertising. Promoting the dealer’s website was a core focus of marketing efforts, encouraging prospective buyers to peruse available inventory 24 hours a day. While the initial focus when the dealership opened was on Subaru’s core buyers, the business evolved to begin targeting owners of competitive brands, such as Honda, Toyota and Ford. Subaru of Jacksonville combines Subaru’s national messaging with locally produced elements, and models its advertising schedules on Subaru’s national plans to create a synergy that has paid off in sales.


Over the course of four years, Subaru of Jacksonville saw annual sales increases of 40-50%. The dealership revised its goal multiple times during one year, selling 250 more cars than originally forecast. For a time, demand outpaced supply. 2012 sales increased 29% and 2013 sales increased 48% through first half of the year.