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Shady Oaks Assisted Living


Selecting the right facility for aging parents who need assisted living services may be one of the most momentous decisions in life. A key part of the selection process is touring a facility and meeting with the staff that will be caring for loved ones. Shady Oaks Assisted Living of Bristol, CT, sought to increase the average number of weekly facility tours and increase occupancy, and used multi-screen advertising from Comcast Spotlight to make it happen.


Knowing that families tend to prefer having loved ones nearby, Shady Oaks geographically targeted its marketing in the advertising zone nearest the facility. To reach adults aged 40-60 – those likely to be children of aging parents – Shady Oaks aired television commercials on networks like Animal Planet, CNN, TNT, USA and YES (a regional sports network). Digital marketing on used in-banner video advertising to continue building reach and frequency. The expandable advertising units included direct links to contact Shady Oaks and schedule a facility tour.


Shady Oaks’ goal of increasing tours was achieved, with one to two additional tours scheduled per week. In addition, the facility filled more beds, climbing from 85% full to 95-100% full, leading to the creation of a waiting list.

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