Rockingham Motors


With existing customers having positive things to say, Rockingham Motors of Salem, NH, was in an enviable position, but there was room for improvement: reaching a larger audience with a message that made consumers think differently about car dealerships. The company employed a targeted video advertising campaign with Comcast Spotlight to build brand awareness of its Toyota and Honda dealerships.


Knowing that the audience for potential car buyers encompassed a wide range of people of varying ages, incomes and genders, Rockingham’s strategy was to “advertise broadly at peak moments during the week to capture the greatest audience possible.” Geographically targeted television advertising included a mix of family television and primetime dramas coupled with the broad reach football coverage offers. The dealer’s digital video advertising was similarly focused on the southern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts region, with an effective mix of in-banner video advertising on and in-stream, or pre-roll, video advertising in digital video content.


Over a six-month campaign, Rockingham Motors saw a 160% increase in phone inquiries, while conversions for customers who filled out the dealership’s online form increased 196%. Views of Rockingham’s online videos also increased an impressive 148%.