Rockin’ Jump


Expanding to a new location is certainly a way for a business to grow, but when it’s outside of an established market, it takes a focused marketing effort to build customer traffic. That was the situation facing Rockin’ Jump of San Carolos, CA. The trampoline park’s new location was also challenged by low physical visibility. Fortunately, a multi-screen advertising campaign from Effectv helped them leap over those challenges with ease.


Rockin’ Jump had two related audiences: kids aged 6 to 12 and, naturally, their parents. The plan: create interest among the younger set, and reinforce the message to the parents across multiple screens. That meant placing TV advertising on networks like ABC Family, Cartoon Network, MTV and Nickelodeon, coupled with digital advertising on and Effectv’s geographic targeting capabilities also meant Rockin’ Jump could strategically focus its advertising on a 15-mile radius around the new location.


The original business plan for the new Rockin’ Jump location called for reaching $83,00 in monthly sales within 12 months. Instead, that benchmark was reached five months ahead of schedule. At the end of its first year, monthly sales volume had surpassed $100,000. The multi-screen marketing approach proved so successful that it was replicated on the other side of the country, when the company opened a new facility in Connecticut.