Real Estate

RE/MAX Alliance Colorado


If real estate is all about location, location, location, then real estate advertising is all about listings, listings, listings, as RE/MAX Alliance in Denver knew. The challenge? Inventory changes regularly, making it difficult to present the most current information. Adding another wrinkle, individual agencies throughout the market can opt in to or out of advertising campaigns. Comcast Spotlight developed a custom, multi-screen solution to address those challenges.


At the heart of the campaign was a commercial illustrating the concept of a family outgrowing its home. That same commercial was used in in-banner-video advertising on, with the added capability of viewing current listings in real time within the banner ad. Customers could click on any home that caught their eye to learn more, with confidence that the home was still on the market. What’s more, the campaign was geographically targeted. Advertising ran within the neighborhoods where participating agencies operated, and the available home listings on were also segmented by region.