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Pioneer Towers


For senior citizens looking for a community to enjoy their retirement years, and for adult children who want to ensure their parents are safe and well taken care of, finding the right environment is tremendously important. To reach those audiences, Pioneer Towers of Sacramento, CA, worked with Comcast Spotlight to develop a multi-screen advertising campaign to create awareness of the facility’s affordable senior apartments.


To connect directly with the senior audience in the immediate area, Pioneer Towers focused its advertising on the downtown Sacramento area, with commercials airing during daytime hours on networks like CNN, FOX News and MSNBC. The facility was also able to take advantage of Comcast Spotlight’s I+ platform to reach customers of AT&T U-verse TV. Online advertising, in the same neighborhoods, on engaged the adult children of the senior citizens. In-banner video advertising included links to Pioneer Towers’ website, allowing visitors to learn more, study floor plans and locate contact information.