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Philadelphia Zoo


The grand opening of a brand-new attraction presented a tremendous opportunity for the Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, PA, to reinforce its position as one of the country’s leading zoos. The facility wanted to convey that its new KidZooU was meaningful and thought-provoking while also fun and engaging. As part of their overall effort to reach a primary target of women aged 18-49 with children under age 12, the zoo worked with Comcast Spotlight on a multi-screen marketing effort.


With 9 in 10 visitors coming from within a 90-minute radius, the primary geographic target was the Philadelphia market. In addition to a primary audience profile of moms, the zoo sought to reach grandparents of children under age 12, and the children themselves. With all of those audiences in mind, the media strategy included a broad cross-section of networks like ABC Family, Bravo, HGTV, TBS, TLC and USA. On the digital front, the zoo sought to advertise in an environment trusted for news and entertainment, with an engaged user base that visits regularly. That made an ideal way to expand its reach and increase brand awareness and recall.


Recording one of the most-attended years in its history, the Philadelphia Zoo welcomed more than 1.275 million visitors. Earned revenue increased by nearly 11%, representing a larger contribution to the zoo’s operating budget. Membership acquisition revenue grew from $897,000 to $1.46 million, with online acquisition revenue rising 19.7% and onsite revenue by 10.9%. Website visits also increased substantially, from about 979,000 to more than 1.2 million. LAMP Finalist