Pancho Villa Taqueria


One of the challenges of catering to a specific demographic group is that a group changes over time. People age out, and are replaced by newer consumers entering the audience. Pancho Villa Taqueria in San Francisco and San Mateo, CA, needed to connect with a new pool of potential customers replacing those moving away or aging out of the core audience, while not alienating that existing base.


In San Francisco, the restaurant needed to reach adults 18-35, typically techies living in roommate situations within the city – an audience that typically doesn’t cook at home. In San Mateo, the target was adults over 25 with young families and young tech professionals putting in long days and looking for a good dinner option. Advertising was concentrated in the zones near restaurant locations. In San Francisco, TV advertising focused on networks like ABC Family, AMC, Animal Planet, BET, Cartoon Network, ESPN2, FOX Sports 1, Comcast SportsNet and TNT. In San Mateo, it was ABC Family, Animal Planet, Food Network and Comcast SportsNet. In-banner advertising on featured Facebook and Yelp links, as well as links to the restaurant’s menu and catering pages, and links to order online through popular services like Snapfinger and


Multi-screen advertising has helped Pancho Villa Taqueria serve up steady growth: sales in San Francisco increased 3-4% per month during the campaign, while the San Mateo location saw an 8- 10% sales increase for lunch and dinner.