Navigating the legal system can be a challenge for anyone. MyTrafficMan based in Bellingham, WA, helps individuals facing traffic-related charges, such as speeding tickets, injury cases and DUI cases, with a team-based approach to representation called a legal care center. The approach brings together multiple resources, but explanation is required to help people understand the benefits. As the firm launched a web app for users to submit details of traffic tickets they received, MyTrafficMan worked with Effecrv to get the word out about what MyTrafficMan was all about.


Using geographic targeting to focus on local neighborhoods, Effectv helped steer MyTrafficMan to the right audiences with a multi-screen video advertising campaign. Television advertising included a mix of popular, high-profile networks like A&E, ESPN and Spike, as well as coverage of popular NASCAR races. Digital advertising on included banner advertising to add valuable reach and frequency to the campaign.


After launching its multi-screen advertising campaign, MyTrafficMan recorded “exponential” growth in use on its app, with more than 1,000 successful submissions.