Kitchen Kaboodle


Many home chefs are familiar with Le Creuset cookware and its many colorful pieces. When a new Le Creuset color was being introduced, Kitchen Kaboodle of Portland, OR, saw an opportunity to associate itself with the popular brand while increasing awareness, in-store and online traffic and sales. Recognizing the importance of presenting a unified message on multiple screens, the store turned to Comcast Spotlight to cook up a winning marketing plan.


To reach target consumers – food lovers and those who like to cook – on television, Kitchen Kaboodle advertised during a number of programs on Food Network. On the store used both in-banner video advertising and a homepage takeover. Further reinforcing the theme of the commercials, Kitchen Kaboodle even had a real-live version of the small Le Creuset truck shown in their advertising spend a day parked at each of their store locations. Adding a pro-social element, the campaign also included a food drive on behalf of the Oregon Food Bank.