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Hurley Medical Center


With the only level-one adult and level-two pediatric trauma centers, burn center, children’s hospital and emergency room and pediatric ICU in the market, Hurley Medical Center in Flint, MI, is a vital part of the local community. The hospital also offers expert care for many elective procedures, and competes with both “hometown” hospitals and facilities in Detroit and Ann Arbor. That created a marketing challenge, as Hurley Medical Center needed to brand itself as the premier local hospital while growing its business for elective surgeries as well as attendance at educational seminars about those specialty services.


Although the hospital had a broad goal of reaching adults aged 25-54—with a particular emphasis on women/mothers and household decision makers—Hurley Medical Center also focused marketing for specialty services on the audience most likely to seek that type of care (for instance, messaging about hernia care was intended for men and women aged 35-65). Comcast Spotlight’s ability to segment audiences by geographic and demographic criteria helped the hospital reach its target consumers. For educational seminars, the hospital used pre-roll video advertising and email sign-in takeovers on in specific zones based on a seminar’s location. Television advertising similarly incorporated different networks based on the type of service, with overarching brand messaging on high-profile, high-reach networks like Animal Planet, ESPN, Hallmark Channel and History.


Hurley Medical Center saw growth in each of its service lines, with its emergency room experiencing the biggest year-over-year impact. The hospital gained market share, and seminar attendance for bariatric, joint replacement and hernia services increased 50%. In all, more than 50 attendees came to the joint replacement seminar as a result of seeing a commercial on TV and/or pre-roll digital video.