Heroes West Sports Grill


When a business that relies on foot traffic is somewhat off the beaten bath, strategic and effective marketing can be essential. For Heroes West Sports Grill in Joliet, IL, a full-service restaurant “in a relatively out-of-the-way place,” that meant using Comcast Spotlight’s video advertising platforms to attract new customers. The restaurant had recently introduced a large craft beer collection, and wanted to spread the word about its new offerings. The objective was to increase beer sales by 15%, and overall sales by 7%.


Heroes West had two primary audience targets: sports fans and craft beer fans—and more than likely, some prospective customers fell into both categories. The restaurant’s leaders felt it was likely sports fans would bring their significant others (and families) along when visiting Heroes West. Geographically targeted commercial messages rotated between a focus on food and craft beers. To let those potential guests know about all that Heroes West had to offer, the restaurant focused its television advertising on live sports events. That meant networks like Comcast SportsNet, ESPN, ESPN2 and TNT (which airs NBA coverage). Digital advertising helped to whet the appetites of diners, with in-banner video advertising on, adding reach and frequency to Heroes West Sports Grill’s campaign.


Multi-screen video advertising proved to be a hero for Heroes West Sports Grill, as the restaurant surpassed both of its objectives: beer sales increased 20%, while total sales increased 10%. The restaurant also notes that the number of customers who said they saw its advertising on TV was “staggering.”