Grossinger Automotive Group


When you set a lofty goal, it takes a solid plan to achieve it. The Grossinger Automotive Group of Lincolnwood, IL, set the bar high: to break their all-time sales record for a two-day weekend. The weekend in question? Black Friday, when competition for consumers’ time and attention was already intense. Fortunately, they had Comcast Spotlight and a multi-screen advertising plan in their corner to help put a new entry in the record books.


The first step was to create a message that would stand out amidst the multitude of other Black Friday commercials. The company then took their clean, simple message linked to Black Friday and dominated the market over a five-day period with a multi-screen advertising campaign. Comcast Spotlight worked with the client to develop a schedule across top television networks and to deliver an average of 4.5 impressions per viewer. The online advertising strategy included both pre-roll video and an e-mail login page takeover in the neighborhoods mattered most to the dealer, as well as a custom website created exclusively for the two-day sale.