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Green County Tourism


“Artisan” has become a big draw for consumers, and Green County Tourism, in Monroe, WI, found a creative way to make that trend the centerpiece of a multi-screen marketing campaign. With cheese making, beer brewing, quilting and Swiss heritage cuisine, Green County was a hotbed of artisan activities, and Comcast Spotlight helped them reach potential tourists in Chicago and northern Illinois who might want to sample those experiences.


Focusing on potential tourists within about a 2.5 hour drive of Green County, the tourism agency used a cross-section of popular, high-reach television networks, including A&E, AMC, Food Network, FOX News, History, TBS and TNT. Those commercials were also used as in-banner video advertising on The high-impact advertising units included direct links to specific pages on the agency’s website, including a calendar of events, things to do, a list of local communities and more. The in-banner video advertising also included links to the agency’s Facebook and YouTube pages.


Over the course of Green County Tourism’s multi-screen advertising campaign, tourism spending increased 2%. More than 1,000 people viewed the 30-second digital video commercial, with 125 clickthroughs to the agency’s website.