Real Estate

Gauger + Associates (Shea Homes)


Choosing a new home is a big consideration for most people. For branding and advertising agency Gauger + Associates of San Francisco, CA, developing the right campaign for their client, Shea Homes, meant finding the right opportunities to reach the right target audience which would be receptive to considering making a move. One of the largest private homebuilders in the U.S., Shea Homes was looking to conclude sales in one of its Bay Area communities.


The campaign was geographically targeted to reach viewers across multiple TV networks in the Delta Valley zone in the San Francisco market, chosen for its proximity to the community. When the San Francisco Giants were playing in the National League Championship Series en route to an eventual World Series victory, the commercial also aired in the market’s Contra Costa zone during game broadcasts. Geographically targeted digital marketing included in-banner video and static banner advertising units on, utilizing a consistent creative approach for branding consistency.


The results of the Shea Homes campaign drove home just how powerful multi-screen marketing can be, as sales office traffic nearly doubled to 154 people per week, leading to 35 homes sold over the course of a year.