Real Estate

Gauger + Associates (Peninsula Regent)


Convincing seniors to move to a retirement community is not always an easy task. Family homes hold precious memories in nearly every room, and some see such a move as giving up independence. Advertising agency Gauger + Associates of San Francisco, CA, sought to showcase all that the Peninsula Regent in San Mateo, CA,  could offer to those aged 65+ had to offer—including the ability to maintain their independence. The agency worked with Effectv to reach prospective local buyers in the market for a luxury condominium—and those buyers’ adult children—with an advertising campaign designed to increase sales, grow website visits, improve search engine results and distinguish the Peninsula Regent from other communities.


The Peninsula Regent needed to reach affluent seniors considering a lifestyle change, as well as their children: trusted family members who could help validate the decision to move and influence the choice of where to move. Buyers tended to reside within 10-15 miles of the community, a perfect match for Effectv’s geographic targeting capabilities. Peninsula Regent’s TV advertising included networks such as A&E, Golf Channel, Hallmark, History, Lifetime and USA in both daytime and primetime to reach prospective residents; to connect with their adult children, the focus was on primetime  on many of the same networks as well as CNN, HGTV and TV Land. Digital video advertising incorporated the same commercials into in-banner video advertising, coupled with links to important information on the facility’s website, with the ad unit designed to mirror the Peninsula Regent’s website, creating a seamless user experience.


After running consistently for several years, the Peninsula Regent’s campaign has delivered on its objectives. Year-over-year website traffic grew an impressive 48%, and 76% of the traffic coming from new visitors. Qualitative research found strong awareness of the advertising campaign, with respondents citing television advertising and reciting key messages from the campaign. Importantly, available inventory sold out sooner than had been projected.