Fleming Carpet and Flooring


Some of the strongest businesses are built on a foundation of earned trust, and that is certainly true for Fleming Carpet and Flooring of Marietta, GA. Serving customers for more than 40 years, the single-location business is proud of its customer-centric approach, as its educated and informative staff guides clients towards finding the right flooring options for their homes. In turn, the store has relied on the expertise offered by the local Effectvt team to help it form an effective multi-screen advertising strategy.


With a primary target of women aged 35-64, typically upper-middle to higher income, the Fleming team worked with its Effectv account executive to advertise across a broad cross-section of television networks, including such well-known channels as CNN, Food Network, HGTV, Lifetime, Oxygen and TLC. Digital marketing incorporated both static and in-banner video advertising locally on and With just one location serving customers, the store was also able to take advantage of Effectv’s geographic targeting capabilities to focus its advertising where the majority of prospective customers lived.


Fleming Carpet and Flooring credited its continued investment in multi-screen advertising with its sustained success and ability to remain in business during the recession, as fewer consumers replaced flooring or bought new homes with new flooring. When new home construction recovered, the store’s business capitalized: Fleming Carpet and Flooring reported increased business, and customers frequently mentioned seeing the advertising, a sure sign its message reached the right audience.