FLB Entertainment Center


Looking to build awareness for its family-owned entertainment business, FLB Entertainment Center of Folsom, CA, happened to have a great asset in its company president (and father), who resembled the “most interesting man in the world” from another well-known advertising campaign. Who better to star in a multi-screen advertising campaign? And what better way to showcase him than in a creative, funny parody?


Instead of the “most interesting,” the FLB campaign featured the “luckiest man in the world,” starring in several amusing commercials airing in local neighborhoods. The commercials reveal that the luckiest man doesn’t always play, but when he does it’s at FLB. The same humorous commercials were featured on, and the campaign also included a sweepstakes custom designed and hosted by Comcast Spotlight. Prizes included a tablet computer, GPS, portable DVD player, digital camera and gas grill.


25% annual growth, up from 15% annual growth in the preceding four years. • Increase in overall web traffic, with a corresponding decrease in bounce rate (visitors leaving after viewing only one page).