Attracting new customers while keeping your loyal fans coming back is important to the growth of any business. For Elmer’s, a regional restaurant chain based in Portland, OR, it meant expanding its core audience from those aged 50 and over””thanks to 10 years of print advertising””to those aged 35 and up. With a Comcast Spotlight multi-screen marketing plan, success was definitely on the menu.


Television advertising helped reach both current and prospective new customers with a mix of networks that included Animal Planet, Discovery, History and Food Network. Elmer’s also connected with sports fans by including Pac-12 football games, and during the holiday season, the plan expanded to include seasonal programming popular with families on ABC Family and Hallmark. Elmer’s also took advantage of Comcast Spotlight’s I+ platform, reaching local customers of Comcast’s Xfinity service as well as DIRECTV and DISH. Online, Elmer’s employed a variety of tactics, including static and in-banner video advertising on Not surprisingly, engagement with their in-banner video advertising jumped when they added a series of rotating images of their seasonal menu items, no doubt making customers’ mouths water.


The restaurant industry has been seeing overall sales declines, and Elmer’s was no different, with a decade of gradually dropping sales. Advertising with Comcast Spotlight turned that around: Elmer’s saw an overall sales increase of 5%, outpacing their competition. That turnaround is particularly impressive given that customers often pass by multiple competitors while driving to an Elmer’s location.