Diablo Subaru


With a multi-phase advertising plan in mind, Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek, CA, sought to protect its share of local sales through a series of messages that focused on the core themes of “better,” “new,” “now” and “next.” The messaging was positive, with a consistent style and look, educating customers about enhancements such as Saturday service hours and an expanded inventory.


Diablo Subaru piggybacked on Subaru’s national advertising efforts to make its own marketing more effective: airing on the same networks and supplementing their creative local commercials with national Subaru advertisements that featured a “tag” for the dealership. Sports has been an important component in the dealer’s strategy, including the America’s Cup, Tour de France and NFL. The on-air campaign was enhanced with advertising on Diablo Subaru also strategically expanded the territory in which it advertised, using data to determine where it could capture share from the competition.