Delaware State Education Association


Representing more than 13,00 public-school employees, the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA), based in Newark, DE, has been advocating on behalf of educators and support staff for nearly a century. To showcase the outstanding work done by members in the First State’s public schools, the DSEA partnered with Comcast Spotlight for a targeted video advertising campaign.


Geographically focusing its message within Delaware’s New Castle and Kent counties, the DSEA’s campaign was also demographically targeted towards women aged 25-54, an audience most likely to have children in the public schools. Television commercials aired on networks like A&E, ABC Family, Bravo, HGTV, OWN, TLC and TNT, based on consultation between the DSEA and its Comcast Spotlight account executive. Digital marketing utilized the same three commercial messages, all highlighting important topics and the value offered by Delaware public schools, within pre-roll video advertising on


The DSEA found great success with targeted video advertising, as public response to its social media pages increased by more than 30%. The association reported that it received “tremendous” word-of-mouth recognition, ranging from prominent elected officials to parents talking with a staff member and discussing the commercial messages.