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David and Associates


Offering a full range of cosmetic and implant dental services, David and Associates of Jacksonville, FL, sought to reach a wide range of prospective patients. To stand out from the competition, the practice turned to Comcast Spotlight for a multi-screen video advertising campaign that engaged consumers across platforms.


David and Associates’ media strategy was designed to reach a mix of younger and older audiences, based on the services those groups typically need, with distinct messages for each. Geographically, the practice used both targeted messaging in its own “backyard” to saturate the market, and advertising across the full Jacksonville market to generate new leads. TV advertising used a broad mix of networks based on the general audience age, along with two interactive television applications. Digital video advertising utilized the same messages as television commercials for consistency, and included a combination of in-banner video and pre-roll video on


David and Associates’ in-banner video delivered more than 3.7 million impressions, and the video was viewed for a cumulative 6,115 minutes. The practice received 2,900 leads, and its video-on-demand content was viewed more than 6,100 times, for a cumulative total of more than 11,000 minutes (with an average viewer watching for about two minutes).