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Complete Care


CompleteCare Health Network is a system of health centers in southern New Jersey that provides an array of services focused on improving patients’ health as well as the overall healthcare experience. Working with Effectv and using video advertising, the healthcare network sought to increase awareness of the CompleteCare brand by educating consumers about their services and to differentiate the brand from other providers in the area.


After more than a decade in business, CompleteCare Health Network needed a way to reach its target audience effectively and affordably. Effectv proposed a mixed media plan consisting of ad placements on high-profile networks and their websites, including BET, FreeForm, Fox News, Oxygen, TLC, USA, and NBC Sports Philadelphia. Effectv research indicated that these networks were popular among CompleteCare’s target audience of adults aged 18-54 seeking healthcare facilities. The healthcare system’s custom 30-second spot ran throughout the day to maximize its reach in the market. To tap into the Hispanic market, CompleteCare also created a Spanish-language ad which ran on Galavisión.


CompleteCare Health Network was able to correlate increased web traffic each month to the video campaign. Overall, site visits and patient appointments were up year-over-year and audiences spent over 2,000 hours viewing and interacting with the video online.

The Vice President of Communications stated, “We love using Effectv for our television advertising because of the amazing impact it has in the community. We get feedback constantly that our patients and staff are seeing our commercials, which means we are reaching our target market effectively and affordably.”