Travel & Tourism

City of Gatlinburg


A growing number of consumers are trading long-distance travel for the joy of exploring closer to home. The city of Gatlinburg, TN, wanted to show off all it had to offer as a vacation destination for residents of Middle Tennessee. Comcast Spotlight worked with the city to design a multi-screen advertising campaign and custom sweepstakes to help Gatlinburg add leads to its database of potential tourists.


The custom giveaway offered a three-day stay at a Gatlinburg hotel, which was heavily promoted over a two-week period to reach couples looking for a weekend getaway, and families considering summer vacation options. A key component of the campaign was the use of “taggable” commercials promoting Travel Channel programming. The messages, or tags, at the end of the commercials directed viewers to a custom website to enter the contest, forging a strong link in viewers’ minds between popular shows and Gatlinburg as a tourist destination. Commercials for Gatlinburg also aired on networks like ABC Family, Animal Planet, FX, Hallmark, History, Lifetime Movie Network, Nickelodeon, Syfy and USA. Banner advertisements on linked prospective vacationers to the contest, expanding the overall reach of the campaign and delivering more impressions to local residents.


The custom-created promotion for Gatlinburg resonated with the target audience, as more than 200 contest entries were completed. That success led the client to “play it again,” running a second sweepstakes for the fall season, offering another getaway for two.