Chuck Hutton Chevrolet


After close to a century in business, Chuck Hutton Chevrolet of Memphis, TN, had a rich heritage of providing an exceptional experience to local car buyers. After assessing the impact of a recent recession, however, the dealer realized it had fallen to become the fourth-place Chevy dealer in the market. That reality check set the dealer on a mission to climb back to the top by reintroducing the Chuck Hutton brand to the market. Comcast Spotlight’s targeted video advertising solutions were a vital part of that effort.


Chuck Hutton’s resurgence started small, with geographically targeted commercials airing just a few days a week. As sales grew, more days and times of day were added. Geographic targeting was adjusted periodically based on research data showing where advertising would likely have the maximum impact.

TV advertising utilized distinct groups of demographically targeted networks for different Chevrolet models. Truck advertising, for example, included channels like CMT, Discovery, ESPN and History. For SUVs and family cars, the mix included channels like Animal Planet, Bravo, TBS and TNT.

In-banner video advertising on and rounded out the comprehensive strategy to reach consumers with messages that touted the buying experience at Chuck Hutton.


Over a period of two years, Chuck Hutton didn’t just reclaim its position as the top Chevrolet dealer in Memphis, it became the top dealer in the state, and later a region encompassing several states. Sales increased 30% during that time, equating to several hundred additional vehicles sold. That, in turn, leads to additional business for the service and parts departments. Chuck Hutton has also seen “tremendous growth” in its Internet sales department, with more inquiries, sales and appointments.