Children’s Discovery Center


When you’re a new entrant in a market that has dozens of established competitors, you need to work hard to stand out from the crowd. For Children’s Discovery Center of Mount Pleasant, SC, creating that point of distinction was about learning through exploration. To get the message out, the school partnered with Comcast Spotlight for a multi-screen marketing campaign.


Thanks to Comcast Spotlight’s geographic targeting capabilities, Children’s Discovery Center could focus its marketing in the area immediately surrounding the school, as research showed parents would generally drive up to three miles to reach a daycare facility. And thanks to Comcast Spotlight’s demographic targeting capabilities, the school could focus on families with younger children, primarily concentrating on women aged 18-49. That meant advertising on top networks like ABC Family, HGTV, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, TLC, TNT and USA. That was paired with in-banner video advertising and a 24-hour “roadblock” on’s sign-in page to reach parents online and reinforce the great program Children’s Discovery Center offered.


The owners of Children’s Discovery Center quickly learned how effective multi-screen advertising can be: within just a few weeks, they were averaging 45 calls and 40 emails per day from interested parents; 10,000 people visited their website in their first month. Within three months, they had reached full enrollment, with a waiting list that grew to 160, and the owners are considering adding a second location. LAMP Finalist