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Cheyenne Frontier Days


Effectively reaching different audiences can be like night and day. In fact, it was that distinction that led to a multi-screen advertising campaign for Cheyenne Frontier Days. The popular event worked with Effectv Colorado Springs and Denver to focus on two distinct audiences: families with children (generally females aged 25-49) and rodeo fans who typically attend during daytime hours; and young adults and concert enthusiasts (adults aged 21-44) who attend in the evenings. The goal for both audiences? To steer more traffic to the event website and increase ticket sales.


High-profile sports programming like Monday Night Football, Denver Nuggets playoff games and the MLB Home Run Derby reached the concert-seekers and younger adults. In addition, Effectv was able to showcase the event with a sponsorship “tag” during commercials promoting the CMA Awards on CMT. Meanwhile, channels like E!, Food Network, A&E and FOX News reached families with children. Online, a combination of in-banner video and pre-roll advertising bolstered the impact of the television campaign, providing a link to the event’s website.