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Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission


One of the best ways to stay cool on a hot summer day is to spend it playing and splashing in a waterpark. The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission (CCPRC) of Charleston, SC, operates three waterparks along with a multitude of facilities serving area residents and the millions of tourists who visit the area. For an 11-week summer campaign designed to grow attendance by 25% and food concession revenue by 35% at the three parks, the CCPRC teamed with Comcast Spotlight on a multi-screen advertising campaign that featured some familiar faces.


With the CCPRC’s three waterparks geared towards families, TV advertising on networks like ABC Family (now Freeform), Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon reached both kids and, importantly, parents and grandparents. Thanks to Comcast Spotlight’s relationships with popular TV channels, the CCPRC was able to bring Nickelodeon characters—SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Diego and Blue from Blue’s Clues—to the parks over the course of the campaign, and include them in the commercials. The commercials also featured families on some of the park’s rides, like slides, wave pools and lazy rivers. Digital video marketing on delivered the same message to online users through in-banner video advertising.


The CCPRC’s multi-screen advertising campaign had plenty of customers cooling off as sales heated up. Attendance, targeted for 25% growth, grew by 49%, and food concessions, targeted for a 35% increase, jumped 74% during the approximately three-month effort.