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Central Arkansas Library System


The image of a library as merely a quiet building filled with books doesn’t reflect today’s reality, especially for the Central Arkansas Library System, based in Little Rock. While not facing competitors in the traditional business sense, the library saw a need to remain relevant in an era of e-books, music and movies. To bring awareness to its free services and tremendous community value, the library worked with Comcast Spotlight to implement a geographically targeted multi-screen video advertising campaign to remain top of mind year round.


While ultimately serving all residents within its two county territory, the library found its weakest demographics were younger adults and men of all ages. To help connect with younger adults, the media mix included networks like Cartoon Network, CMT, MTV, truTV and VH1. To engage men, the library added networks like Animal Planet, CNBC, Discovery, FX and SEC Network. And to reach its “bread and butter” audience of moms and kids, the plan included ABC Family (now Freeform), HGTV, Nickelodeon, Travel and TLC. In addition to Comcast homes, the library took advantage of Comcast Spotlight’s I+ platform to reach subscribers to AT&T U-verse® TV service in the Little Rock area. In-banner video advertising on was creatively designed to incorporate the library’s e-books library search bar within the message.


Like most libraries, the Central Arkansas Library System measures success by circulation, and circulation saw noticeable growth thanks to the multi-screen advertising campaign. Importantly, the library also reported positive community feedback.