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Cartwright’s Plumbing


You never know when you’ll need a plumber, making it important to maintain a ‘front-of-mind’ presence with local customers. As a longtime advertiser, Cartwright’s Plumbing of Santa Fe, NM, was aware of the power of cable television advertising to achieve that objective. With many prospective customers using multiple ‘screens’ on a daily basis, however, they wanted to seize the opportunity to reach that audience to increase their reach and frequency.


To get the most bang for the buck, Effectv worked with Cartwright’s to create a high-profile, cost-effective media plan, engaging niche audiences on Food Network and HGTV coupled with the broad reach of networks like History, A&E and FOX News as well as high-profile live sports programming. Advertising aired on alternating weeks, which maintained the front-of-mind presence while boosting efficiency. The company’s light-hearted commercial was also featured online, enhanced with direct links to specific service options like plumbing, sewer and septic, and HVAC services.