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California Closets


California Closets’ northern New Jersey outpost is a regional leader in innovative and personalized storage solutions and closets. The family-run location specializes in creating custom solutions that match the aesthetics and organizational needs of each customer. The client has worked closely with Effectv for several years and has grown to trust recommendations from Effectv experts to get the most for its ad dollars.


The client wanted to enhance its brand presence in the marketplace to attract new potential customers. It sought to drive web traffic, build brand recognition, and increase visits to local showrooms, with the ultimate goal of 10% YOY growth.
With guidance from Effectv, California Closets ran cable spots, focusing on 15-second bookends on morning news programming. It also ran online video pre-roll, upholding its luxury brand status by advertising during Premium Digital TV and Premium Digital Video content.
Through the process, California Closets was able to keep costs low by using corporate-supplied spots and simply adding its local showroom information at the end.


The client credits the ad campaign for helping it achieve its goal of 10% YOY growth. In just three months, target audiences spent nearly 3,800 hours viewing and interacting with the digital ads alone.
The client is extremely satisfied with the results. The client’s representative said the Effectv team has “always gone above and beyond to help determine the best avenues of advertising for California Closets in northern New Jersey.” The client continues to work with the Effectvt team to monitor results and, according to the representative, remains “a very happy customer.”