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Boca Raton Regional Hospital


There are few more competitive industries than health care. For Boca Raton Regional Hospital in Boca Raton, FL, succeeding in that competitive environment meant building awareness to increase admissions and surgeries, while letting consumers know about specialty care services for cancer, cardiology, orthopedics and neuroscience.


The hospital was particularly interested in increasing its market share in a neighboring county. With Comcast Spotlight’s geographic targeting capabilities, it was possible to focus not just in its “home base,” but also in selected areas where it saw an opportunity for growth. The primary audiences for the campaign were adults aged 35-54, and 55 and over. To reach that target, television advertising included shows like TNT’s Dallas, Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, ESPN’s SportsCenter, original movies on Lifetime, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and USA’s primetime programming. Digital marketing included both static and in-banner video ads on, reinforcing the messages viewers saw in the television commercials.


The hospital’s inpatient admissions grew 8.1%, thanks in part to patients who previously would have gone to another facility. Inpatient surgeries increased 4.4%, while outpatient surgeries were up 5.1% and emergency room visits increased 7.45%. In addition, the hospital succeeded in increasing website traffic, with year-over-year visits climbing by 80,000.