Aladdin Rugs and Home Décor


It’s not easy building a business from the ground up, and the owners of Aladdin Rugs & Home Décor in Little Rock, AR, learned from some mistakes along the way. Beginning with one location, 1,600 square feet and a handful of rugs and décor items, the husband and wife owners first tried direct mail and print advertising. When those options didn’t deliver the hoped-for results, the store began a long and beneficial relationship with Comcast Spotlight. Over time, TV and multi-screen advertising has helped the store add locations, inventory and staff.


With a target audience of women aged 35-60, Aladdin Rugs & Home Décor hoped to persuade prospective customers to skip chain stores and “shop local.” The store geographically targeted its video advertising, which emphasized its wide selection and personalized attention. Television advertising connected with customers on channels like Food Network, HGTV, Lifetime and USA, based on consultation with the store’s Comcast Spotlight account executive. Digital video marketing utilizing the same messaging added vital reach and frequency with in-banner video advertising on and in-stream video advertising across a network of popular sites.


Aladdin Rugs & Home Décor reported its best year of growth, the latest in a decade-long history with sales growth of approximately 10% or more per year. Over that time, the company grew from one location to three, from 1,600 square feet of space to 14,000 square feet of retail space.