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Adventure Aquarium


After seeing a summertime attendance downturn, Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, a longtime Philadelphia-area attraction for local residents and tourists alike, set out to build awareness about the new attractions and exciting experiences it offers. One such experience: the aquarium houses the largest collection of sharks on the east coast. Adventure Aquarium was looking to reach and engage families with children ages 3-12. Past campaigns had emphasized attractions appealing more to the younger end of that range, but the shark exhibit had a broader appeal, including to older children.


A summer-long multi-screen campaign highlighting the aquarium’s “Shark Fest” utilized television advertising to generate awareness, set the tone and allowed for both parents and their children to see the messages. Recognizing how engaged mothers of young children are online (and that many tickets are sold online), interactive, rich media advertising on helped convert interest to action by incorporating links to purchase tickets and interact with the aquarium’s social media platforms.


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