Turning the Focus to Product Strategy and Innovation

Submitted by Hank Oster
October 4, 2019

We believe that our work and innovation in recent months to move to a more solutions-based, data-driven approach to advertising will help our clients achieve their goals today and into the future.

That said, we are constantly looking at ways to stay ahead of the rapidly changing television ecosystem.

By creating a focus on product strategy and a clear product roadmap, and a focus on innovating with data, we are poised to meet the growing needs of our clients.

That’s why we announced today the promotion of two executives to lead new company disciplines: Kelly Perone is now Vice President of Product Strategy and Andrea Zapata is Vice President of Data Innovation and Insights.

Moving forward, Kelly will oversee the new product strategy department and collaborate with leadership across Effectv to drive growth through the creation of client-centric products and solutions, innovative enhancements to existing products and new technology partnerships.

Andrea will oversee the newly formed data innovation and insights team, responsible for advanced analytics, measurement, insights, effectiveness and in-market research. She will focus on bringing innovative, data driven and attribution solutions to the forefront. Her team will also be instrumental in delivering analytics, measurement, insights and effectiveness solutions to the markets and providing custom research insights for all lines of businesses.

We couldn’t be happier to announce Kelly and Andrea’s new leadership roles and the new disciplines they’ll be taking over.

Here's more about the leaders and their thoughts on their new areas of focus:

Kelly Perone

New Role: Vice President, Product Strategy


Bio: Perone has more than 20 years of experience in the media and advertising technology industry, analyzing, building and developing products. She joined Effectv from Tremor Video, now Telaria Inc (TLRA), where she oversaw their SSP and DSP development of video advertising opportunities across devices as senior vice president, product and strategy. Prior to Tremor, she held various product leadership positions at small media and ad tech startups, and created the original digital campaign stewardship platform for Donovan Data Systems (now Mediaocean). She joined Effectv in 2017.


Andrea Zapata

New Role: Vice President, Product Strategy


Bio: Since joining Effectv, Zapata has built a team that evangelizes an audience-based approach to selling by applying data to drive revenue and success. In the last six months, they were instrumental in releasing insights on marketplace trends, featuring Effectv's value within them, including The New TV and most recently, the TV Viewership Report. She joined Effectv from Vevo in 2017, where she was formerly VP, research and analytics.

Prior to Vevo, Zapata led Ad Sales Research at Hulu, where her team initiated demographic currency reporting capabilities that drove Hulu’s acceptance by all major agencies and holding groups as a major player in video.




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